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Move Your Enterprise Email Records with Confidence!

When you’ve made the decision to switch to a new email platform, the prospect of migrating Terabytes of mailboxes, files stores, email archives, compliance journals, public folders and PST files can be daunting.

TransVault delivers unbeatable performance, automation, reliability & integrity that make your migration EASY:

Move Quickly.

TransVault uses the latest techniques and cutting-edge algorithms to move data direct from source to destination in unbeatable times – in excess of 6TB a day.

Move Seamlessly.

Ensure end users maintain uninterrupted, transparent access to their emails as you make your move. 

Move Your Way.

Available as a DIY or fully-serviced solution, on-prem or in the cloud, TransVault gives you the most flexibility for making your move.

Move With Confidence.

Proven in over 2,000 migrations, TransVault tackles the most complex technical challenges and satisfies the most demanding compliance needs.

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